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Charles Leong became the youngest AFR champion

Charles Leong became the youngest AFR champion

Source:Asian Formula Renault Post:2017-08-27

Charles Leong from BlackArts Racing clinched the title of AFR two races in advance, making a new record as the youngest overall champion of AFR in history. And Daniel Lu from Asia Racing Team won the thrilling battle in front to triumph Race 2 in Shanghai.

According to the 2nd fastest time in qualifying, Pavan Ravishankar from BlackArts Racing started from the pole position with his teammate Charles Leong alongside. Cao Zhuo from Asia Racing Team and Victor Liang from PS Racing started from the 3rd and 4th respectively. It is worth noting that it is a critical battle for Charles Leong because he will win the overall champion if he is able to finish Top 3.

At the start, Pavan Ravishankar and Charles Leong stayed one-two, heading into turn 1. After them, Daniel Lu made a strong start to move ahead of Victor Liang and Cao Zhuo into Turn 3. It only took Daniel one lap to catch and pass Charles Leong, diving up the inside of Charles in Turn 14.

On the 3rd lap, Daniel Lu and Cao Zhuo joined the battle in the front, chasing and waiting. Only one lap later, Daniel Lu made a better getaway than Pavan to draw alongside him on the run in the first corner and then overtook him in Turn 2 while Cao Zhuo also passed Pavan right in Turn 3.

Cao Zhuo was then closing the gap between Daniel to within a second before the safety car was out, which was induced by Ni Weiliang’s crash at the exit of pitlane. During the lead of safety car, Charles Leong was only the 4th on the grid with his main opponent Daniel Lu leading the race, meaning that he must pass his teammate Pavan Ravishankar at the final moment to clinch the title.

The race restarted in the last 2 minutes with only 2 laps left. Charles Leong quickly approached Pavan and managed to pass his teammate at the end of the main straight, squeaking himself into 3rd place.

Finally, Daniel Lu dominated the race and took the victory again this weekend, and Cao Zhuo and Charles Leong ended up the 2nd and 3rd. Daniel admitted that he enjoyed the races this weekend in Shanghai but it was a pity not being the one to win the title of the year.

Charles Leong thanked his family and his team first and revealed that he would still fight for the title of China F4 this year and hoped to race in Europe next year.

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