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AFR Round 1 in Sepang

Asian Formula Renault Series Round 3 had been finished on 6th May at 2:00pm. 17 formulas were smooth during the formation lap except David Pun who was suffering from battery issue and had to start from the pit lane. Leading driver Daniel Lu from Asia Racing Team was having a bad start and being overtook by Charles from BlackArts Racing. At the same time Stephen Hong from Team KRC was picking up the pace and try to get close to the cars in front. During the middle of the race, Daniel clocked 2:06.149 and successfully overtook Charles and clocked the personal and overall best time of 2:05.353, widen the gap in just a glance.

After 10 laps without any flag signals occurred, Daniel took the first race champion in the 2017 series, while Charles took the 2nd place with only 4 seconds difference in total. Stephen was having a lot of pressure from Pavan Ravishankar from BlackArts Racing and only made a 0.557s difference to win the 3rd place. Thomas Luedi from BlackArts Racing had obtained the master trophy.

The 2nd race will be starting on 7th May at 3:25pm.