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Asian Formula Renault 2nd round in Sepang

Asian Formula Renault 2nd round in Sepang had finished on 7th May afternoon. The track condition was very ideal comparing with first race and drivers were able to clock a faster lap time during the race. Pole driver Daniel Lu from Asia Racing Team had made a good start, while Charles Leong from BlackArts Racing had made a mistake during the start and fell to the middle of the group. His teammate Brad Dias was trying to give pressure to Daniel right at the first corner. Drivers in front were swapping position all the time except Daniel and had advantages in spreading the gap. At the same time, Luo Kai from S&D Motorsports and Victor Liang from PS Racing were climbing up to top 3 position.

During the 6th lap, David Pun from BlackArts Racing had contact with Ni Weiliang from Asia Racing Team and the car was not be able to pull out from the track immediately. The official had raised yellow flag and safety car was out until the end of the race. Unfortunately, due to exceed speed limit, jump starts and overtaking under safety car, Victor Liang took his first AFR champion in Malaysia, while Louis Prette and Brad Dias from BlackArts Racing took the runner-ups. Grace Gui from S&D Motorsports had took her first champion in Class B. Thomas Luedi from BlackArts Racing won the consecutive Master Trophy in Sepang.

The next race will be hosted at the newly built Zhejiang International Circuit.