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Double Champion by Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG

2015 Asian Formula Renault 4th round had finished on 26th April afternoon. Starting in the front was Darma Hutomo from Humpuss JR Racing Team by ART. At the back was 3rd round champion Dan Wells from BlackArts Racing by KCMG, third place was Maxx Ebenal from BlackArts Racing. During formation lap, Maxx was forced to enter the pit due to driveshaft problem, and was starting at the pit area. When the race started, Umar from S&D Motorsports was starting in the wrong grid position, given 30 seconds penalty, while his teammate Najiy was also given 30 seconds penalty due to jump start. Before the first corner of the first lap, Dan passed Darma with perfect start, while Garnet Patterson from KCMG passed Pu Jun Jin from Asia Racing Team. The close fight between Darma, Pu and Garnet ended in the beginning of the 5th lap. Pu had contact with Darma and Pu spun out, while Darma had to retire from the race after the accident. Najiy, was on the 4th position, passed the two ART drivers and took the 3rd place, but since the distance with Garnet was too far away to overtake before the race end. Class B KRC driver Andy Zheng kept his amazing performance since the season start, while James Runacres from Asia Racing Team and Thomas Swift from PS Racing passed Sebastien Mailleux from PS Racing after he spun out twice in the race. Thomas tried to follow James in the beginning, but fail to do in the last few laps. Dan Wells won again with no pressure. Garnet took the 2nd place again and Malaysian driver Najiy took his first 3rd place trophy to home. Class B champion Andy continued his winning streaks, while James took the 1st runner-up again. 16-year-old Thomas Swift also took his first 3rd place trophy. Thomas Luedi from BlackArts Racing won the Master Trophy. Source: