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Asian Formula Renault Round 2 Qualifying Dan Wells clocking 2:05.577 fastest in the second lap

2015 Asian Formula Renault Qualifying had already finished at 9am on 25th April. Drivers were getting used and familiar to the track after two practice sessions yesterday, and helped along with a better lap time. Maxx Ebenal from BlackArts Racing Team had clocked the personal and group fastest lap of 2:06.197 in the first lap, which is also fastest than the pole during practice. However, BlackArts Racing by KCMG driver Dan Wells had clocked an incredible lap time of 2:05.577, the fastest time in the 2nd round of AFR. Pu Jun Jin from ART Racing Team did make a 3rd fastest lap time right after. Since the lap time didn’t seems to have any big difference, drivers are entering pit stop for changing tires, while only Darma Hutomo from Humpuss JR Racing Team by ART and Garnet Patterson from KCMG returned to the track again for clocking a faster lap time. And then, miracle happened. Darma clocked a lap time of 2:05.830, which only had 0.253s difference with the pole, and he overtook Pu and climb up to 3rd place. Class B Andy Zheng from KRC had maintained his pace and will be the pole in the group in the first race. Unfortunately, Thomas Swift from PS Racing was suffering from some mechanical issues during the 3rd lap, which affected his lap time and the starting pole in the race. The first race will be starting at 2:40pm. Source: